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שאלות ותשובות

בעסק שלנו תמיד יש שאלות מפתיעות, אך כאן ריכזנו תשובות לשאלות הנפוצות ביותר. לחצו על השאלה כדי לקפוץ הישר לתשובה או עברו על השאלות לפי הסדר

  • How Do You Switch Departments In The Store?
    It's simple - the main page has pictures with the names of the different departments in the store. Place the mouse cursor over the name of the desired class and click the left mouse button. If you entered the details of a particular product, you can return to the category you came from by clicking on the department name in the list of departments on the top right. Or move to another class from the right menu.
  • How do you purchase a product?
    Under the image of each product there is a "Add to cart" button. You can reach the shopping cart via the link at the top left, from where you can return to continue shopping or browsing the store, or finish and make the purchase by clicking the "Pay" button. The purchase amount in the current basket appears at the bottom left. Shipping, and credit card data entry will appear in the following windows.
  • What Is Your Warranty Policy For Products?
    Every product sold by us comes with a one year warranty. The backing for this warranty is ours. Over a year, in the event of a malfunction, there is a fixed tariff depending on the type of product and the type of malfunction.
  • If I have a question about products - where will I get an answer?
    We will be happy to help with any questions, by e-mail: or by phone: 03-696-9690 , and fax: 03-696-9680 .
  • Who manufactures the products sold here?
    Some of the products are imported, most of them are manufactured in our factory, a large part of the products are customized by us. In any case, we stand behind all the products we sell.
  • What is the return policy of the store?
    Pay attention! We emphasize this to customers even during and after the purchase, because of the nature of the products and their use (hidden cameras and recording devices) it will not be possible to return the product and receive a refund. Replacement will also be possible in case the customer made a mistake in the selection and provided that it arrives within 14 days from the date of purchase, that the product has not been used and is in its original packaging.
  • I added a product to the shopping cart - do I have to buy it now or can I continue to browse around the store?
    There is no need to buy it right away. The product will be kept in the shopping cart while you browse the store and be impressed by other products. You can return to the shopping cart whenever you want using the link in the top left corner.
  • Where will I see the products in my shopping cart?
    The top left corner has a "Shopping Cart" link. Click on it and you will reach the shopping cart.
  • How do you purchase several units of the same product?
    Under the product description there is a small white square where you can enter the desired amount of units. Clicking "Add to Cart" will then automatically update the desired number of units of this product in the shopping cart. If you have already added the product to the basket but you want to change the amount of purchase, you can change it in the shopping basket. In the small square in the "Quantity" column, change to the desired number and at the end of the line (left), click the "Update" button.
  • How do I remove a product from my shopping cart?
    The shopping cart on the left has product details. On the left side of this line there is a "Remove" button. Select the product and then click on the "Remove" button, we will update the basket and this will remove the product from the shopping cart.
  • How Much Does The Delivery Cost?
    There is a flat price per order, which changes from time to time. Delivery is paid once for each order - not for each product. Products that require special care or have a higher shipping cost (such as monitors) also have a "handling fee" - which is clearly stated in the shopping cart.
  • Do you pay for shipping of each product separately?
    No, we charge shipping once per order. "Handling fees" for products that require special care or expensive shipping (such as monitors) computers on each unit to order.
  • I Want The Delivery Address To Be Different From My Personal Address - How Do I Do This?
    At the end of filling in the details there is a button "If the shipping address is different - click here". Clicking on this button will open a form to fill in the shipping address.
  • What happens if the product is damaged during shipping?
    All products are insured automatically and if the product is damaged during shipping we will replace it free of charge.
  • What information security system does the store have?
    The site sits on a server of Barak, one of the leaders in the field in Israel, is protected by a central "FIREWALL", and is backed up 24 hours a day. The information is encrypted in the encryption standard accepted and approved by all credit card companies and banks - SSL. Also, the clearing system we work with - Cardcom. Protected and known system.
  • What check is made on my credit card information?
    Every purchase is checked with the credit card company to verify the card details and the purchase amount.
  • I want my order to arrive at a different address from my own address - how do I do that?
    At the end of filling in the details there is a button "If the shipping address is different - click here". Clicking on this button will open a form to fill in the shipping address.
  • What will appear in the details of my credit card account?
    Only the name "Golan" and the billing amount.
  • What will my order delivery look like?
    We use standard packaging, without a special logo. Only the name "Golan" and our address will appear on the package and the receipt forms.
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