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Format software for cards 64 and above for ATTEZ camera

Formatting software for 64G or more memory cards for working with ATTEZ cameras.



Without special formatting memory cards of 64 or higher will not work with the camera !

installation instructions:


  1. Download the file.

  2. Save it to your computer.

  3. Extract the file from the ZIP

  4. Connect the memory card to the computer using a card reader.

  5. Right-click on the installed file and select Run as administrator

  6. Select the memory card in the software selection options. (Usually will select automatically but make sure you do not format a card or other device connected to the computer!)

  7. Make sure Quick Format is checked.

  8. Click the format button.

  9. Remove the memory card, insert it into the device and make sure a recording is created.

  10. This is - good luck!

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