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Audio WiFi Department

In this department you will meet, for the first time, the new age regarding collecting and storing audio files and information in a professional, easy way. All Audio WiFi products are internet based or 5G LTE based - meaning they have their own cellular communication system. All products are managed through a very user-friendly app, through which you can:

  • Open the microphone to listen to the surroundings in live, real time. 

  • Download recordings from the internal MSD card and play them remotely (without touching the device!)

  • Save your recordings in the cloud storage service. 

  • Delete recordings from the MSD card remotely. 

  • Share the device with other people so they could be in full control of it as well. 

The audio quality is crystal clear - no chirping, no buzzing, no feedback, and most important - no need to reach the device physically to download materials!

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