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Golan Spy shop LTD. Established 1998 and located at the heart of Tel Aviv (near Azrieli Center)

We inhabit a complex of two buildings placed side by side at total of 450 sq-rm. One is a manufacture floor an integration laboratory and a technological lab & the other building is used as the company offices & show room.

Customers receives a solution starting from the requirement through the planning and to the execution, in a very short time. We offer quick or immediate availability. In most cases we have the solution already in stock and ready to be deployed.

The company is currently seen as the center of production, development and integration in the business, and is very comprehensive in terms of covert photography systems, observation systems, eavesdropping and listening equipment, low enforcement and policing, intelligence gathering equipment, technical equipment for private security, surveillance & investigations.

All Golan Spy Shop employees have high security clearance, and each is an expert in their field: electronics and engineering, software and service, computer experts, and technicians. Moti Golan, the head of the company has before worked in the central unit of the Israel Police. He is active in the technical developments in practice and accompanied by the personal supervision of the company's impressive technical advances.

Golan Spy Shop Company is guided by the Israel Police and Defense Ministry, and that is why we have appropriate security clearance, as well as a close technical cooperation with various departments and units that use a wide variety of equipment manufactured at our factory.

Golan Spy Shop Company is also part of projects abroad, since the ability to produce advanced quality products based on customer requirements from Israel has appealed to many countries abroad. The foreign work is divided into products ready for export, physical installations and training in the field, with systems planned for a specific need of each customer's activity, usually for government agencies.

Golan Spy Shop Company reserves full discretion of its clients in Israel and abroad, while maintaining high service level, quality products, respectful attitude & creativity, with a good reputation. For the last 12 years, Golan Spy Shop as a company has always continued to progress and it is considered groundbreaking in its field in Israel & worldwide.

Our Company is looking over to provide the best technical service available to the civilian sector which usually includes security officers of leading companies, private investigators, security personnel, business people in all areas as well as the individual, whom is always looking for the technical solution at the best reasonable price. 




Moti Golan


Contact Us

If you arrive by car we offer a parking lot with parking to our customers and street parking


Phone:                                    03-696-9690

Opening Hours:  Sunday to Thursday   18:00-08:00

                                           Friday   13:00-08:00

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