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Date and time file for cameras - Template 1

File towards an hour date on dedicated cameras.


Check the dedicated devices in the list before installing the file on the device!

installation instructions:


  1. Download the file by clicking on the link in the "Download file" panel.

  2. Save the file to your computer.

  3. Extract the file from the ZIP

  4. Connect the device to the computer.

  5. Copy the (extracted) file from the computer to the device.

  6. Double-click the file inside the device.

  7. Check that the date and time are updated (the date and time are determined by the computer. The date and time of the computer must be adjusted so that the file is updated accordingly).

  8. Click update

  9. Click on the little red X on the top left.

  10. Disconnect the device from the computer.

  11. To set the date and time, play a recording on the device and check that the date and time have been updated.

  12. And that's it - good luck!

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